Consultancy Services


Hyoon fulfills the ever increasing need of project management consultancy by providing certified and experienced project managers and consultants to complete the project on time within the allocated budget. Our professional consultants demonstrate their expertise in all fields of Project Management such as Initialization, Planning, Executing, Controlling,
Communication, Time Management, HR, Cost and Quality Management etc.



We perform the assessment to understand the current position of the Company and relevant processes. Then we either conduct “Lean” concept first or “Six Sigma” methodology first. Both concept complement each other to remove waste and reduce the variation.

Lean Six Sigma is applied through 5 stages:

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve
  • Control

Lean Six Sigma is a data driven approach to fix the problem from where it rooted from. We move in a sequence to identify the root cause to fix the problem. Time and money invested in Lean Six Sigma methodology now will help you mature the process over time and results in saving of millions..

1. Define
4. Improve
2. Measure
5. Control
3. Analyze

Lean Six Sigma is a Serious Business…

You need this consultancy service if:

  • Your “cost” is too high due to rework, scrap or customer attrition.
  • You have repetitive “complaints” (problems).
  • You know there is something wrong but don’t know “what’s wrong”.

Our experts analyze and evaluate the gaps in Recruiting & Selection, PMO, ITIL, ISO, Lean Six Sigma, Marketing and Business Development needs and requirements

Also, our collaborations with a world leader in the design and implementation of psychometric assessments and systems for use in recruitment, selection and development of people in the business world.

Our measuring tools assess over 4 million people per year in more than 70 countries and 40 languages including Arabic. Our collaborated psychologists and experts have many years’ experience in designing assessment and HR consultancy, they are helping some of the world›s most successful and respected businesses to bring the best talent into their

  • Functional & Behavioral Competency Modelling
  • Recruitment Policies, Procedures and Process Design
  • Online Knowledge and Skills Tests
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • Talent Management
  • Automated Online Interviewing
  • Assessment & Development Centers Design
  • Executive Assessment

We provide the bespoke management solutions and implement them appropriately. We conclude projects by handling over the accepted deliverables and finally train the relevant staff.

Expert team is a mandatory requirement for any successful consultancy project that must have enough knowledge and experience in the relative field. Proper processes and procedure are as important as the team to achieve set objectives within time, cost and scope. Our essence is People, Processes, Products and Partners.

We offer a suite of services and products which include: