PMO Implementation

Building PMO Consultancy


Establishing a PMO could be very tricky if the “Purpose of PMO” is not understood by the Top Management and Project Team of the Organization. We bridge that gap of misunderstanding or miscommunication. We suggest to build the PMO in multiple phases over time and You can rest with any phases depending on your Objective of PMO.


To build “Project Management Office” in Your Organization. PMO can provide a range of services to the Project Department or Project Managers from support services to direct management of the projects.

We recommend to begin with Baby PMO and other phases are mentioned below:

It takes two to tango. Building PMO may take 6 months to 12 months depending on how Your Team will support in Building PMO. Also depending on Your Industry, type and size of Projects and Project Teams.

Contact us for the initial assessment about your maturity of Project Management Practices and Your Vision about the PMO.

Project Management Office can be the backbone of your Organization…

You need this consultancy service if:

  • • Your Project Managers are not happy working in your Organization.
  • • Your Project Managers complain about lack of support.
  • • Your projects are not closed successfully.
  • • Your stakeholders are not satisfied.
  • • You find the lack of control in the Projects.